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SFC 1000

This 4-in-1 flow computer is a very unique and highly advanced unit for gas or liquid measurement using state-of-the-art technology. This cost effective field mounted unit can be used with a variety of differential and direct frequency input applications where reliability and complex flow calculations are required. When direct frequency is used, the multivariable transmitter can read differential strain along with line pressure and temperature. The unit offers many features and advantages:

 SFC 1000 Flow Computer Specifications

32-Bit Motorola > 6 Volts for Square Wave1 Serial RS232 @ 19200 BaudsMax
(168332 @ 16.7 MHz)> 70 mV for Sine Wave1 Serial RS485 @ 38400 BaudsMax
4 Status Inputs ON/OFF Type SignalMODBUS Communication Protocol
All Inputs and Outputs are Optically Isolated
MEMORYFrequency Range: 0-5000 HzMEASUREMENT
Flash RomNEMA 4X Class 1 Division 1 HousingModbus Configuration Software Included
(4 MB @ 70 Nanoseconds)Humidity 100%Uni or Bi-Directional Runs
RAMTemperature -40 to 85 Degrees C Multiple API, AGA & ISO Equations & Calculation Algorithms Programmed
(2 MB @ 30 Nanoseconds)With Turbine Diagnostic Function
1 Multivariable (Temperature, Pressure, DP)
POWER2 Analog Output Channels (12 Bit Singled Ended)
4 Watts2 RTD Input Channels
Voltage Range 12-30 VDC(4 Wires 100 Ohm Platinum)
3 Frequency Input Channels
(Expandable to 4)
4 Analog Input 24-Bit Channels
(Expandable to 8)
Inputs/Outputs LCD Display
(2 Lines, 16 Characters)
5 Digital Outputs (Outputs 1 & 2 are Pulse/Switch 0.5 Amp Rating, Outs 3 & 5 are Switch Outputs 0.25 Amp Rating)