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Smart, Accurate and Easy.

Combine with Dynamic’s Flow Computer to output:

  • Flow Rate
  • Total Flow for Actual Conditions
  • Standard Base Condition and Customer Defined Base Conditions


The SmartCone™, a variable area/beta ratio differential pressure cone meter, is a fluid flow meter that uses a measured differential pressure to provide a robust, accurate, repeatable and optimal cost measurement solution for both gas and liquid measurement.

The SmartCone™ meter produces a differential pressure which can be read by any standard differential pressure or multivariable transmitter.

The meter is the first differential pressure cone meter to use artifact calibration techniques similar to orifice plate technology, which is inherent in the design.  Each SmartCone™ meter has a verifiable geometry between subsequent manufactured devices using accurate and robust machined castings.  It features the unique ability to offer a beta or area ratio change per diameter using interchangeable ARC’s.  This allows the metered products’ flow velocity characteristics to be aligned correctly throughout the life of the meter.



SmartCone™ Specifications

Compressor SkidsBuilt-In Temperature Port(Area/Beta Ratio Changer)
Custody TransferBuilt to LastSelf-Aligning
Fuel MeteringSturdy Stainless ConstructionSelf-Centering
Liquid & Gas Measurement Optional Downstream Pressure TapEasy Installation & Removal
PipelinePrecision Machined from 316SS
Steam & Steam InjectionFLEXIBILITY
Test SeparatorsAvailable up to 2500 ANSIRANGEABILITY
Well Head MeasurementInterchangeable ARC3 Available ARC's per Meter Size
Wet GasStandard Built-In RTD Port10:1 Turndown with each ARC
Standard NPT Ports
PRECISIONWafer or Flange Design
CNC Machine
Investment Cast for Precision & Repeatable Surface Finish
Metering Accuracy of up to +/- 0.5%
Positive Sealing
+/- 0.1% of Full Scale or Better without Stacked DP