How to Install Direct/IO
- Run the DirectIO setup. Leave all the options as default.
- Once the installation is completed go to Windows Control Panel (Press the Windows Start Button, then go to settings and then select Control Panel)
- On the Control Panel select click on DirectIO. The following configuration window will appear:
- Enter the Address of the serial port. Generally 3F8 to 3FF. Type 3F8 in the Begin box and 3FF on the End Box, then press Add, the address range will be added to the Active Ports list.

- Go to the IRQ tab.
- Enable IRQ4 (generally used for Port 1)

- Go to the Security Tab (there is no need to configure the memory tab)

- Press the browse button and look for dynamicís software (for example SFC332.exe) press Open and then press Add. The program will then appear in the allowed Processes list.

If you are installing the Demo version this is all you have to do. Every time you run dynamicís software there will be a message about DirectIO, in this way you know DirectIO is running.

If you have bought the program and want to add the license number go to the Info tab in Direct-IO's configuration and enter your license number.