Dynacom Release History
Note: Comments in Black mean new features and Red changes mean corrections from previous versions.
Version Release Date   Changes
1.01.79 6/10/2021 Modified Base Pressure Limit
1.01.78 7/31/2019   Fixed Connection Issue (Version 1.01.77)
1.01.77 8/14/2018 Fixed Bluetooth Issue
1.01.76 7/11/2018   Modified Warning Messages to be more Descriptive
  Disabled Report in PDF Format 
  Added Verifciation for Connecting a Different Application
1.01.74 3/9/2017 Added Screens Adjustability
1.01.73     n/a
1.01.72 11/30/2015   Added Last 24 Hours Chart
1.01.69 4/6/2015   Modifed Daylight Saving Time Data Entries
1.01.68 1/26/2015   Replace Sending the Log File with Creating the Log File 
1.01.67 1/18/2015   n/a
1.01.66 1/15/2015   Fixed CFX Report Issue
1.01.64 10/3/2014   First Released Version - EPLUS-TS Application
  Resolved Issue to See Radio Button and Checkbox Selection 
1.01.63 9/29/2014   Added Options to Save CHART as PNG image and as PDF Document
  Fixed Issue to Send a Log File
  Corrected Uploading/Downloading Flow Computer Port Data on ELiteEXP
1.01.62 7/25/2014   Removed Sourcing Load Drawing from Analog Output Wiring Diagram
  Added Sourcing/Sinking Configuration to Switch Output
  Added Sourcing Load Drawing to Analog Input Wiring Diagram for EPlus, EliteEXP, EPlus-TS
  Moved Day Start Hour Data Entry 
1.01.61 5/13/2014 Added Invalid Character Validation on Meter ID
  Added 7301-7397 to Program Variable Parser Validation
  Added Support for Hourly Report Database for CFX 8.01 Report Generation
1.01.59 2/4/2014   Added Support for Downloader Version 7
1.01.58 1/31/2014   Added BS&W to ExliteEXP Monthly, Daily, and Snapshot Templates.
  Text Label changed on Product Override "Water Factor" to "Shrinkage Factor" for Liquid Meter
1.01.57 1/30/2014   Fixed Windows 8 Compatibility Issue
  Fixed Screen Resolution Message
1.01.56 10/14/2013   First Released Version