EPlusGL Release History
Note: Changes in black mean new features or capabilities and red changes mean corrections from previous versions.
Version Release Date   Changes
2.4 7/15/2021 Modified Base Pressure and Atmospheric Pressure Range Limit
  Corrected DST Issue
  Fixed "Auto Detect" Cancel Issues
2.3 10/25/2016   Replaced "TON" with "TONNE"
  Grayed out K Factor Units Selection if Mass Pulse is Selected (AGA7-Freqency)
  Modified Prover Diagram Screen
2.2 4/27/2016   Floating Point Mode 2-Bytes Registers Issue Fixed
  Not Showing Wiring Drawings
2.1 3/1/2016   Increased Decimal Resolutions to 2 for Hourly/Daily/Monthly Flow Totalizers.
2.0 10/23/2015   Increased Debounce Time
  Added Jumper Settings Decription for the Frequence Inputs
1.9 3/24/2015   Configuration Text data File corrections
1.8 11/18/2014   Switch Output Wiring Selection added
  Offset calibration canceling issue fixed
1.7 8/26/2014   PID control screen issue fixed
1.6 11/19/2010   Increased API Data Entry Limit
1.5 10/14/2010   Disabled Ethernet Option
  Not Showing Wiring Drawings
1.4 7/21/2010   Support Tank Gauging and Batch Report
1.3 6/11/2010 Support of SG/API Density
1.2 2/13/2006 Previous version was unable to show Snapshot Report
1.1 2/10/2006 Added Analog Out & Display Options for Meter 2
1.0 2/8/2006 First Release