MicroMG Release History
Note: Changes in black mean new features or capabilities and Red changes mean corrections from previous versions.
Version Release Date   Changes
1.10 5/13/2022 1. Increased to 6 point linearization configuration data.
  2. Added AGA8 Zf and Zb to the system snapshot report
1.09 8/6/2021   1. Added an option to use ISO2016 Gross or Net Heating Value Method
1.08 3/16/2021   1. Increased Modbus Shift Range
  2. Fixed daylight saving time day 14 issue
1.07 12/23/2020   1. Modified historical houlry data packet - 5 hours per poll
  2. Added energy metirc units option - MCAL (Mega Cal) and MBTU (Mega BTU)
  3. Add display assignment selection - Zf and Zb
1.06 6/26/2020   1. Fixed Snapshot primary element display
  2. Hourly Report - AGA7/Frequency - Replace DP with Gross Total
  3. Revised hourly report polling method (Firmware 11.00.07 or newer is required)
1.05 2/28/2018 1. Added energy unints option- MMBTU or  MBTU (US Units), GJ or MJ (Metric Units)
  2. Corrected daily report (day by day)
  3. Added GC stream address 1x16 bits or 1x32 bits option
  4. Modified Hourly Reports to replace "Density" with "SG"
1.04 5/10/2017   1. Modified calibration reprot
1.03 3/22/2017   1. Not to create an extra blank page on printing
  2. Added option to disable printer header and footer
  3. Added GC option to select 2x16 bits floating register or 1x32 bits floating register
1.02 2/24/2017   1. Added calibration mode option prior to execution of calibration
  2. Added calibration and verification report
  3. Added 3 point calibration option
  4. Added option for selecting averaging method
  5. Added day by day report option
  6. Added calibration mode option prior to exccution of primary plate ID 
  7. Added GC slave status
  8. Display active meter only
  9. Modified historical report templates
1.01 11/7/2016   1. Added status Input/switch Output#4 ststus
  2. Changed maximum number of hourly reports
  3. Modified historical report templates
1.00 11/1/2016 First Release