MicroMP3/SFC3/SFC500 Release History
Note: Changes in black mean new features or capabilities and Red changes mean corrections from previous versions.
Version Release Date   Changes
2.13 08/20/21 Fixed retrieving report issues via Ethernet connection
2.12 04/16/21   Corrected wrong pressure units in the batch/hourly report
2.11 03/18/21   Supported MP3-SFC500 Flow Computer
2.10 12/11/20   Added 5 Points RTD/Multivariable Calibration Option
  Added Reset Previous Batch Reports Option
  Corrected Alarm/Audit Report Data Buffer
2.8 08/14/19   Added Slow Pulse Feature for Frequency#1 (MicroMP3 Application)
  Added Truck Loading Features (MicroMP3 Application)
  Added Common Frequency (MicroMP3 Application)
  Fixed Not Responding and Idle Issues
  Not Allowed to Open a Wrong Type of Configuration Data File
  Modified DFC Modbus Driver and Added Data Packet Function (Read)
  Display a Message if a Different Type of Flow Computer is Detected
  Display a Message to Confirm before "Full Upload" or "Full Download" is Requested.
  Added New Wiring Diagram
  Modified Configuration Data Text File
  It is required to delete registry after uninstaling the old and before installing this version
2.6 05/18/17   Added Reynolds Number and Viscosity Selection (MicroMP3)
  Added Historical Data Modbus Registers to Modbus Shift (MicroMP3)
2.5 07/26/16   Added Mass Meter on MicroMP3
  Added DP Diagnostic on MicroMP3
2.4 11/23/15   Firmware can be downloaded through RS232 Port Only
  Set Default Extension of Histroical Reports
  Fixed Openning the Previously Saved Historical Reports
2.3 09/23/15   Fixed Modbus TCP issues
2.2 04/23/15   Bi-directional Multi-customer Option added on MicroMP3
2.1 06/18/14 Flow Rate Threshold #5-#8 added on MicroMP3
  Flow Rate Linear Factor #5-#8 added on MicroMP3
2.0 06/04/14   History template fix
1.9 05/12/14   Added Truck Loading Option on MicroMP3
  Full calibration error fixed
1.8 04/03/14   Fixed unable to assign (Pulse/unit) when using Meter 1 IV switch out
  Analog outputs 2, 3 and 4 enabled on MicroMP3
  Master port added on MicroMP3
  Increased max report numbers on MicroMP3
  Downloader ver7 added
1.7 09/30/09   Increased Max. Printer Number of Nulls to 400
1.6 12/04/08 Added Switch Ouput asignments for Flow Pulse Ouptuts on SFC3
  Added support for Raw (Encapsulation) Ethernet Protocol
1.5 08/15/08 New Month End Batch feature for each stream
1.4 03/07/08 Updated product selection on SFC3 application
  Eliminated unavailable options on SFC3 Prover configuration page
1.3 02/25/08 MicroMP3 prover seal option not being downloaded
  Added Partial Batch Option to Stream Menu (SFC3W and MicroMP3 Applications)
  Changed SFC3 Indication on the Status Bar
  Added Ethernet support for reports on SFC3-4Freq versions older than 1.30.00
1.2 01/14/08 Updated Prover Diagram Screen
  Correction to Prover Data Units and Selections
  Corrected setup Templates locations
  Can use serial ports greater than 4
  Improved prover data entry
1.1 08/16/07 Major changes to support SFC3 Flow computers
  Expanded functionality of MicroMV prover
  Added metric units to MicroMV prover
1.0 10/20/06 First Release