MicroMS4 Release History
Note: Changes in black mean new features. Changes in red mean corrections from previous versions.
Version Release Date   Changes
2.20 10/16/2017   Added NIST10 -Superheated Steam Selection
2.19 1/13/2014   Selecting serial communication port that is greater than 9, issue fixed.
2.18 2/28/2013 Downloader version 2.05 is implemented.
2.17 2/12/2013 Autodetect issue is solved.
2.16 2/6/2013 New downloader is implemented.
  COM port numbering is changed.
2.15 4/24/2012 Added suport for Venturi and Accelabar meters.
  Security codes are corrected.
2.14 4/28/2010 Added suport for ISO6976 Equation - Heating Value Calculation
2.13 6/1/2009 Added Support for Pitot Tube
2.12 8/12/2008 Added AGA7/ASTM description to flow equation type
  Added KG/M3 units to density input box
2.11 6/27/2007 Add support for Gravity and Base Density Factors
  Corrected Monthly report support for flow time in minutes
2.10 3/21/2007 Not displaying February's 28 days on monthly reports
2.9 1/30/2007 Reports skipping records when reports not starting on the last record
2.8 1/29/2007 Ability to disable Program Variable Statements Validation
  BSW Factor was not being displayed on Daily Report
  Reports not showing right records if reports not starting on the last record
  Updates to Reports:
  Snapshot report - Increased decimals of gas components to 4 decimals.
  Added units to all the heading info
  Hides DP information when using frequency meters
  Provides option to show flow time in either hours or minutes
2.7 7/21/2006 Added Support for Live BS&W input
2.6 8/14/2005 Data Verification screens was not updating live readings
  Calibration & Verification report rounding Atmospheric pressure value
2.5 5/16/2005 Corrected Program Variable Validation (did not allow for display variables)
2.4 3/16/2005 Added Daylight Saving Time (DST)
  Validate Config File Schema to prevent opening wrong file types
2.3 2/11/2005 Added Additional flow control for modem connection
  Increased Meter Test Report Resolution
2.2 2/10/2005 Added RTS/CTS/DTR Flow Control
2.1 12/9/2004 New Turbine Diagnostic Feature
  Saves Calibration in configuration file
  Dial Up (Modem) Communications
2.0 10/15/2004 Added new Audit Trail Codes for Analog Inputs
  Added Units to Flow Rate High/Low Limits
  Diagnostic Screen not showing Analog Out RTD Assignment Text 9/3/2004 Support for Meter composition selection from other meter runs.
  Modbus Driver includes Auto Type and stores las values used. 7/25/2004 Allow Switch Output to be used in Boolean Statements (2751-2753)
  Problem with PID Drop-down menu (some actions do not work)
  Added Battery Voltage readings and alarms
  Upgraded program variables to accept negative numbers
  Unable to clear Floating Modbus shift 2/29/2004 Version had problem Loosing Data entries due to changes in combo boxes
  Re-enable Switch # 4 - MicroMS4 is the only MicroMV that supports Switch 4
  Added Last 10 Samples to Leak Detection Test and corrected decimal places on report 1/26/2004 Disabled Switch # 4 for user selection
  Added additional wait time to improve communications
  Disable parity selection for RTU Modbus mode 11/25/2003 Able to poll floating registers with different HI/LO and byte length configurations.
  Add Spare Assignment (Number 1) in status inputs.
  Add Modbus Driver Window
  Added Custom Flow Units, so customer can add its own units to the reports.
  Venturi C Override had wrong decimal places
  Override values were being clear when downloading the configuration
  Enable analog input expansion without having to configure slave units 9/8/2003 Add Third Frequency Input Selection in AGA7
  Add V-Cone Pipe and Cone thermal coefficients
  Change Calibration Windows for a more user-friendly way 7/11/2003   Add Liquid Correction at 20C 5/9/2003 Add Calibration and Verification Report
  Add Copy of PC Time to FC time with a button
  Image Download Window Upgrade
  Ability to configure Meter Well Test Offline
  Tank Leak Test - Database and data adquisition revision
  Do Not Allow 0 as Modbus ID
  Change Location of Gas Chromatograph Window to main menu
  Removed Station Total Selection (This feature is not available) 4/14/2003   Added Leak Detection Application
  Moved SG/API entry to Meter Data Menu (For Liquid Applications) 2/25/2003   Allowed Atmospheric Pressure in KPAs to be above 100
  Added Multithreading Communications - Improved serial and Ethernet response
  Slave units configuration screens revised
  Liquid Application in Barrels or Cubic Meters supported.
  Supports TCP/IP Communications besides ModbusTCP
  Meter Data and Others Settings windows were rearranged 1/22/2003   Exporting Configuration to Text File Capability
  Help Information Update for Slave Units and Chromatograph
  Added Floating Point Mode (2/4 Bytes and (HI/LO) or (LO/HI) Mode support) 12/19/2002   Supports mass flow Foxboro meters as slaves
  Supports different flow units for each Meter
  Supports Gas and Liquid Meters in the same unit
  Was unable to change Analog Output ranges.
  Corrected Hourly Report - Split hours by day
  Added ability to download image files to applications other than MicroMS4 11/25/2002   Able to configure Slave Communications being Offline
  Able to configure Chromatograph Offline
  Added Rx, Tx communication indicators
  AGA8 Detailed Entry recalculates total percentage automatically.
  Typo in AGA8 Detailed Method components 11/6/2002   Was Unable to Calibrate in Full Span (Two-point Calibration) 10/18/2002   Modified Meter Test to suit for Customer Needs.(Meter Testing new features). 10/14/2002   Changed Crystal Report Engine Program to improve reliability
  Was showing Override Stars for disable Meters
  Found Problem with the Snapshot variable definition causing memory problems
  Solved Crystal Reports Engine Issue
  Added Units to the Last Month Report
  Did not show Atm. Pressure and ID units accordingly with units system (metric/us)
  Added Spare Input values in Snapshot report
  Added Program Variables Statements and Tags 9/12/2002   First Full Release. 8/1/2002   Start working in the Application
      Beta Version