MicroMVA Release History
Note: Changes in black mean new features or capabilities and red changes mean corrections from previous versions.
Version Release Date   Changes
1.11 6/4/2021 Allowed user to enter a PC/Laptop Communcation Port
  Corrected Historical Report Issues
  Corrected Analog Output Decimals Issues
  It is required to delete registry after uninstaling the old and before installing this version
1.10 9/25/2013   New Downloader version 2.05 is implemented.
1.9 7/19/2007 Not downloading AGA8 Composition on Meter 2
1.8 11/29/2004 Venturi Eq. Dialog was not downloading Discharge Coefficient
  Saves Version number of last online device
  Integrated PID menu with PID view for ease of use
  Added Modbus Driver
1.7 6/28/2004 Optimized HTML Report Generation (Long reports stay sorted)
  Added GC Out of Range Alarms
      Analog Output Decimals problem (good download/bad upload) 5/17/2004 Transducer Input Assigments had 3 mode decimals places inferred
  Added Display Sensitivity Factor Calibration Entry 3/16/2004 Changed Modbus Shift Registers Addresses from 3819-3997 to 5219-5308
  Added Data Packet Configuration Window 2/6/2004 Unable to configure Annubar Online
  Not downloading K factor for Verabar Equation
  Not updating live values through Ethernet conection.
  Improve communication timing to decrease program retries
  Add Chromatrograph support 9/3/2003 Change Report to HTML Templates
  Modify Calibration Dialogs
  Add additional Modbus registers for custom report 5/22/2003 Add Custom Report
  Add Dial-Up communications 5/8/2003   Do Not Allow 0 as Modbus ID
  Image Download Window Improved
  PID limits Increased from 2 to 9.9
  Confirmation before downloading configuration
  Copy PC Time to FC time button addition 1/2/2003   First Version Released
  11/5/2002   Application Development Started