MicroMVG/332G Release History
Changes in black mean new features or capabilities and red changes mean corrections from previous versions.
Version Release Date   Changes
1.32 7/22/2022 Modified configuration data file handling
1.31 6/29/2021   Corrected PID Flow Decimals Issue
  Corrected Daylight Saving Time - Spring Forward Data Issue
  Corrected Security Level Issues
  Fixed not Responding Issues
  Resolved "Auto Detect" Issue
  MicroMVG-Added Gross/Mass/Energy Flow Units Options
  MicroMVG-Added GC Variable 1x32 or 2x16 Selection
      It is required to delete registry after uninstaling the old and before installing this version
1.30 7/14/2016   Modified Report Templates to add Averaged Heating Value
  Added Heating Value Changes ID to Audit Report 
1.29 12/30/2013 Selecting serial communication port that is greater than 9, issue is fixed.
1.28 10/3/2013 Security codes issue is fixed..
1.27 3/8/2013 Issue with zero Com port is fixed.
1.26 2/28/2013 Downloader version 2.05 is implemented.
  COM port numbering is changed.
1.25 2/12/2013 New downloader is implemented
  Ethernet protocol is added.
  Autodetect issue is solved.
1.24 4/7/2009 Expanded Modbus Shift on SFC332G Units
1.23 11/5/2008 Added units to flow limits data entry
1.22 9/22/2008 Added Units to Solatron constants
1.21 8/25/2008 Added 4095 Scaling Selection to MicroMVG
  Removed erroneous override star on base density 
1.20 2/26/2007 Support for Superheated Steam on MicroMVG
1.19 9/27/2006 Fixed issue downloading Switch Oput Assignment on SFC332 V.1
1.18 8/7/2006 Added Support for Milliamp flow input in the SFC332G computers
1.17 5/8/2006 Added DP to CFX files, which is extracted from the DP Extension Stored in history
1.16 4/27/2006 MicroMVG mode could only go up to 50 hours, now it goes up to 840 hours report
1.15 4/19/2006 Added CFX Reporting
1.13 11/9/2005 Add Flow Time on Daily Report
1.12 10/3/2005 Added Master Meter Proving 
1.11 8/10/2005 Added Venturi Linear Factors for SFC332G version 1.45.02 and Up
  After checking version number in About >Help, unable to read from SFC332G
1.10 4/28/2005 Support For PID Base pressure other than meter pressure
1.9 3/29/2005 SFC332G: Added Fw/Rv Analog Ouput Assignments
  Analog Output Tag not showing in Diagnostic Screen
1.8 3/16/2005 Added Daylight Saving Time (DST)
  Validate Config File Schema to prevent opening wrong file types
1.7 12/8/2004 Support for SFC332G Version 3
  Removed Modbus RTU Mode parity validation
1.6 11/29/2004 Display Backlight Timer Control
  Touch Screen Disabling Feature
  Extended Modbus Shift Support
  Battery Voltage Read and Alarms
  Store Calibration on Configuration File
1.5 11/4/2004 Removed HTML break page so Excel can open whole report
  Integrated PID Menu with PID view.
1.4 9/10/2004 Missing Decimal Place Resolution for SFC332G
  Improved Modbus Driver (Saves last values used)
  Added Calibration buttons to diagnostic views.
  Saves version of last computer online
1.3 6/15/2004 Added separate configuration and reports folders.
  Stop reporting after finding a 00/00/00 date on report
  Added 8000 registers to Modbus Shift Area
  Support for negative numbers in program variable
  Displays Flow direction on snapshot report
1.2 2/10/2004 Add Reset Cumulative Totals Function
  RTS Delay for Port 3 was changed to 30
  AGA8D method not reading properly for Meter 2
  Orifice ID Override had wrong register address.
  Pipe ID and Orifice ID for Meter 2 had the wrong decimal places.
  Unable to Calibrate SFC332G Multivariable 
  Unable to Get daily reports after getting hourly reports
  Added Modbus Driver
  Modbus shift info in configuration report
  Pake break after each report
  Update online unit ID when changed by the user
  Change Data Entry String Initialization
1.1 10/30/2003 Mutivariable Temperature Assignment Missing
  Added Display sensitivity factor on menu for MicroMVG
  Added Modbus shift and density equation to configuration as text file.
1.0 10/8/2003 First Released Version