MicroMVL Release History
Note: Changes in black mean new features or capabilities and red changes mean corrections from previous versions.
Version Release Date   Changes
2.29 2/20/2023 Corrected download/upload message
  Corrected configuration screen typo
  Corrected single stream two meters volume units issue
2.28 7/20/2022   Modified configuration data file handling
2.27 6/18/2021   Corrected historical report issues
  Corrected Full Download/Upload configuration file issues
2.26 1/21/2021 Replaced "CF" with "SCF" for Net flow/volume units
  Corrected Spare#1/#2 Inputs assignment issue
  Corrected Analog Input#5-#9 Tag ID not being downloaded/uploaded
  Corrected Snapshot report for meter#2 flow rate
  Added Full Download/Upload configuration data confirmation request.
  It is required to delete MicroMVL registry after uninstaling the old
  and before installing this version.
2.23 5/18/2018   Fixed Audit Trail Reports Pollling Issue
2.22 11/22/2016   Added Support for Downloader 7
  Added Timestamp to Configuration Report
  Added Support for Mass Units Selection to Firmware version 11.00.00 or later
  For firmware ver.11.00.00 or later , maximum number of hourly reports is 336 Hours
2.21 7/3/2014   Port 3 Read only is added
2.20 2/27/2014   Floating Point Mode is added.
  Modbus Shift - Floating Point support is added.
  New Downloader ver.2.06 is added.
2.19 8/24/2013 "4 - AGA7" is changed to " 4 - Frequency" for all meters.
2.18 3/11/2013 Downloader version 2.05 is implemented.
  Ethernet communication is fixed.
  Autodetect issue is solved.
2.17 8/13/2010 Added SG and SC@60 in batch and daily reports
2.16 4/4/2010 Corrected Density Pressure/Temperature assignments not being downloaded.
2.15 8/18/2009   Density/SG limits on tables data entry were increased
2.14 7/31/2009 Addition of RTD Calibration in F and C in addition to Ohms
  Added new Autodetect Menu that can be cancelled by user
2.13 2/14/2009 Support for systems with more than 10 serial ports
  Autodetect function can be now cancelled in the middle of the detection
2.12 12/12/2008 Support for VenCone flow equation
  Support for Modbus Flow Direction Override on Bi-Directional Meters
2.11 6/3/2008 Support for new Audit Trail report in firmware version 6.10.02 and newer
  Fixed rounding of last decimal place on implied decimal registers
  Hourly report showing total mass for meter 1 reverse with wrong decimals
  Batch report showing some meter 1 data when asking for meter 2 data
2.10 2/1/2008 Audit Trail Reporting erroneous deminal places on cumulative values
2.09 11/14/2007 Support for live density on new table 23/24
2.08 7/2/2007 Added Flow Control Options for the Serial Communications (DTR, CTS, DTS)
2.07 6/21/2007 Exporting configuration as text, it shows wrong base conditions
  Added engineering units on several data entry screens
2.06 3/21/2007 Added 2004 API Tables and Reports
  Revised Security Codes Validation
2.05 10/19/2006 Added Asphalt Density Table
  Added Ethernet Support for Modbus Driver
2.04 2/6/2006 Extended Daily Historical Data from 32 to 35 Days
2.03 1/16/2006 Added Status/Switch No.4 to I/O Configuration
  Corrected Program Variable Dialog not saving user input
2.02 11/4/2005 Additional Analog Inputs (5 to 9) Added
2.01 7/14/2005 Analog Output Decimal Places
2.00 5/12/2005 Configuration window broken down in separate pages.
1.18 2/22/2005 Feature to disable Interval report printing if no flow
  Daylight Saving Time (DST)
  Multivariable Connection Status
  Add units to product data entries
  Last Month Report: Totals not averaged correctly & month always 00/2000
  Hourly Full Report: Not Showing Meter 2 Mass Total
1.17 11/24/2004 Added Brine Water Table
  Saves Meter Calibration in configuration file
  Ability to disable Touch Screen
  Display BackLight can be controlled by time. 10/27/2004 Extended Water Base density High Limit from 1.074 to 1.5
  Changed Y Factor to None since liquids are non-compressible
  Extended Modbus Shift, Boolean and Program Variables 9/23/2004 Removed Phase Direction Detection not supported by hardware
  Improved Modbus Driver (Saves last values used)
  Saves version of last computer online
  Clears Spare Registers before downloading
  Unified Online Flag 8/27/2004 V-Cone Equation Added
  Modbus Driver uses automatic data type selection and stores previous values
  Override Meter Factor Added
  Densitometer Information added to configuration text report
  Forward Meter Factor for Meter 2 was disabled.
  Upgraded program variables to accept negative numbers
  Unable to get Audit Report from FC versions 6.08.1
  Modbus Driver was not reading floating registers (always showed zero) 2/10/2004 Reorganized configuration upload/download to avoid time outs
  Added Modbus Driver
  Updated Status/Switch Output window
  Added End Batch question after downloading configuration
  Added window to inform user about computer reset when port config changes
  Moved snapshot report to historical data menu.
  Added Modbus Shift info in configuration report
  Fixed Problem with Desktop Icon not loading database location
  Not showing pure butadiene description
  Dropping characters from product description
  Unable to clear gravity override 10/16/2003 Low and High Limits for Live Densitometer had wrong decimal places 9/16/2003 Add Program Variable Statements
  Add 4th Slave Unit
  Add Slave Unit Update Flag
  Problem with decimal places in Analog output assignments
  Add New calibration windows for easier use. 7/30/2001 Corrected Reports - Was unable to show stored reports besides the last captured 6/23/2003   Corrected Audit Report Mass Totals
  Corrected Reverse FWA Data Display
  Corrected Gravity Override Range Validation
  Added User Custom Report 6/10/2003 Added Override and Fixed Values Indicators in Sys Snapshot
  Improved Image File Download including estimated time and progress indication
  Do Not Allow 0 as Modbus ID
  Ability to copy PC time to the flow computer time with a single button.
  Add Net and Mass Totals in Audit Report 3/19/2003   RTD Value was not updating on Diagnostics screen
  Analog Output calibration sequence was incomplete
  PID Entries range validation from 0 to 9.9
  Improved ModbusTCP Communications
  Added TCP/IP Encapsulation communication
  Added Multitasking Communications (More responsive comms)
  RTD alarm limits when used as Densitometer Temperature are now allowed 1/15/2003   Unable to select M1 frequency input when M2 was using it even though Mtr Bank = 1
  Density Configuration had misplaced decimal places when using API selection
      Added C++ Runtime Libraries for Old computers that do not have them integrated 11/4/2002   Changed Crystal Reports Source Code and libraries for more reliable ones
  Added Switch Output Diagnostic Mode
  Fixed Crystal Reports Engine Issue - Unable to open report preview window
  Ability to End batch on both meters at the same time
  Corrected Full Calibration problem
  Added items 6,7,8,16,17 to Status input Assigment 9/9/2002   Left Communications defaulted to Ethernet
  Unable to Edit Comm settings from a window diff. than Diagnostics
  Added App Tag on the About Box 8/19/2002   Added Printer RTS selection for Port 2.
  Added ScrollBars to the MDI Frame
  Changed Security Codes Windows - More Easy to use
  Added Ethernet - Modbus/TCP Capability 7/22/2002   First Full Release. 6/12/2002   Start working in the Application
      Beta Testing Version