SFC332L Release History
Changes in black mean new features or capabilities and red changes mean corrections from previous versions.
Version Release Date   Changes
1.10 2/14/2018 Corrected firmware version reading
1.9 4/7/2009   Expanded Modbus Shift Range
1.8 7/20/2007 Automatically Maximize Views on application start
  Multiple config pages changing the ST/SW Assignment
1.7 3/8/2006 Support for MGAL units on SFC332L Version 1.24.6 & UP
  Small EPROM: Meter Temperature as Densitometer Temperature selection was not used
  Small EPROM: Table GPA148 was missing on table selection.
1.6 3/16/2005 Added Daylight Saving Time (DST)
  Validate Config File Schema to prevent opening wrong file types
1.5 6/30/2004 Support for SFC332L with Small EPROMs
  Modbus Logger for Communication Problems Diagnostic
  Support for Negative Numbers in Program Variables
  Modbus Unit ID does not match actual unit ID in Daily and Hourly reports.
1.4 2/27/2004 Unable to enter Product Table configuration
1.3 2/10/2004 Analog Output Decimal places were off when using Full Cfg Download
  Add I/O low and high limits in configuration report
1.2 1/2/2004 Desktop shortcut not providing path info needed for Reports
  Added End Batch question after downloading configuration
  Not showing pure butadiene description
  Dropping characters from product description
  Unable to clear gravity override
1.1 12/3/2003 Added New Boolean and Prog. Variable addresses
  Added New Calibration Windows used in latest Dynacom Apps. 8/1/2003 Fixed unability to see previously captured reports 5/1/2003   Creating of configuration as a text file
  Copy PC's time to Flow computer with a single button
  Increased PID entries from 2 to 9.9
  Default Failcodes to Live Value (zero)
  Include Modbus Driver Tool (Read/Write modbus registers)
  Change PC Unit ID when FC Unit ID is changed
  Do Not Allow 0 as Modbus ID 11/19/2002   First Released Version