SFC332P (Metric) Release History
Note: Changes in black mean new features or capabilities and red changes mean corrections from previous versions.
Version Release Date   Changes
2.4 1/19/2023 Modified the prove report template (Mass method).
2.3 1/14/2021   Fixed cancel button function for autodetect Flow Computer.
  Fixed not responding issue for full download configuration file.
2.2 3/5/2019   Fixed master meter proving report/prove abort report/single prove report
  Fixed Config.txt to display version of firmware and PC configuration software
  Installation - moved Reports/Drawing/Templates to Documents Directory
  (It is requried to delete the old registry SFC332PM for version 2.1
   or older before new installation one time)
2.1 8/4/2016   Selecting serial communication port that is greater than 9 issue is fixed.
2.0 1/19/2011   Added Selection for Using Prover Temperature as Meter Temperature
  Added Selection for Using Prover Pressure as Meter Pressure
1.9 1/10/2010 Number of passes reverted back to 1 
1.8 6/28/2010 Added Historical Alarm Reporting
  Added support for API 2004 Tables
  Added support for TP27 Equation
  Added Alpha-T Data Entry
  Added Fixed Value Start Indication on reports and Prover diagram
1.7 1/7/2009 Units on the reports were mixed between Imperial and Metric
1.6 12/5/2007 RTD 1 Calibration link was missing
1.5 3/20/2007 Added Ethernet Communications
1.4 11/8/2006 Several Data entry registers were not being downloaded to the FC
  Analog Output 1 Calibration was not working
  Added Toolbar Button for Prover Request
1.3 8/17/2006 Added Mass Proving
1.2 3/15/2006 Changed Master Proving Report
1.1 2/15/2006 Shrinked Report Font to fit reports into single page when possible
1.0 12/14/2005   First Release