SFC332P Release History
Note: Changes in black mean new features or capabilities and Red changes mean corrections from previous versions.
Version Release Date   Changes
1.9 6/7/2019 Added OLD Table Gravity Unit API or SG Option
  Modified Report Templates
  Replaced with New Wrining Drawings
  It is required to delete registry after uninstaling the old and before installing this version
1.8 6/17/2016   Not Showing Wiring Drawings
1.7 7/23/2015   Added Selection for Volume Resolution 5 or 6 Decimal Places
  Added Meter Cumulative Total Data Entry
  Added Shaft Temperature to Reports
  Modified Prove Report
1.5 8/7/2008   Increased Prover Abort Time Out
  Density Fail Code was not being downloaded to SFC
1.4 2/14/2008   Added Mass Proving Option
1.3 3/20/2007   Added Ethernet Communications
1.2 11/8/2006   Several Data Entry Registers were not being downloaded to the SFC
  Analog Output 1 Calibration was not working
  Added Toolbar Button for Prover Request
1.1 2/15/2006   Shrinked Font to Fit Reports into Single Page when possible
1.0 12/14/2005   First Release