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DynaCheck is a truck mounted device that minimizes tampering with the cargo by continuous monitoring of multiple cargo access points such as vents, gates, manholes, lids, side doors, etc.

The system stores hundreds of truck events providing a comprehensive audit trail. This has multiple advantages including an increase in accountability, discouragement of cargo theft and automatic truck location when used in conjunction with GPS systems, among others. 

  • Improved Security over mechanical locks and paper logs
  • Simple local operation with a single push button
  • Data is available via wireless handheld or wired Modbus protocol
  • The system can expand up to 8 sensors and additional devices via RS-232/RS-485 port
  • Completely rugged and designed to exceed the environmental conditions


DynaCheck Specifications

Operating ConditionsPower Consumption: 25mW
Temperature: -40°F to 185°F
Humidity: 100%
Environment: NEMA 4X Class 1 Division 1
ProcessingLow Power 40MHz 8-bit CPU
Battery backed Real Time Clock
I/OInternal Battery Monitor
5V/12V Outputs for external sensors
8 Digital In/Out (User configurable)
Over voltage protection
One Push Button for user interface
2 Line x 16 Characters Display
LED Backlight
HousingAluminum Class 1 Division 1 Housing
Two 3/4" NPT openings for connections
One 3/4" NPT Bottom opening for mounting or additional wiring
Dual Power SystemInternal Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery. (May be main power or backup for external supply)
External Power (12 to 30 VDC)
Includes reverse polarity, over current and over voltage protection
CommunicationIndustrial Bluetooth (Class 1)
Low power 2.4GHz Band Radio
TTL interface for 900MHz or 2.4GHz radio
One RS-232/RS-485 Serial Port with Modbus communications
Bluetooth Communication with Handheld running Windows Mobile