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State of The Art Wet Gas Measurement Solution

DynaCone WGM

DynaCone X® Wet Gas Meter


The DynaCone is a cutting-edge Dual Element Wet Gas flowmeter based on the combination of field-proven hardware and industry-leading software. An integrated solution to effectively address

your allocation metering challenges.

The flowmeter is compact design, robust, uses non-radioactive components and only requires basic field configuration with no requirements for frequent recalibrations or field tuning.

For trouble-free wellhead flow measurement or potential separator replacement, DynaCone is uniquely designed to provide the operator with the optimum “Life-of-Field” solution.

Applications: (TypeI/II Wet Gas)

DynaCone wet gas meter provides high quality, reliable data for flow assurance, reservoir, production allocation and process management

- Wellhead gas/condensate production surveillance: TypeI/II wet gas flow measurement
- Gas injection/liftoptimizationGas
- Highvalueupstreamprocessinglines
- Test Separators
- Group production monitoring at the production header & compressor stations
- Steam Measurement

DynaCone Lite® Wet Gas Meter


Application: Type I Wet Gas

- Accuracy: 0.5 to 2%
- No need to enter liquid content
- Output Rate: Gas Rate
- Meter Body: Dual Element (Cone & Pitot Tube) - Optional Cone/DP is for diagnostic
- No Over-reading correction
- Integral Multi-variable Transmitters
- Non-nuclear
- Flow Computer
- Integral RTD