Allocation Measurement

The Micro MV is a 32-bit, dual meter run, custody flow computer for Liquid, Industrial Gas, and Natural Gas Applications featuring: three frequency channels, four analog inputs, one analog output, four digital I/O’s, one RS-232 port, two RS-485 ports, one printer output, and a Rosemount Multivariable Transmitter. An input or output expansion module is also available.​

The E-Chart product line is designed to meet the needs of our clients throughout all sectors of the oil and gas industry. After listening to and understanding the needs of our clients, Dynamic Flow Computers designed the E-Chart with a focus on reducing spare parts requirements, reducing the “learning curve” for new users, and an overall reduction in the time and cost of its implementation. Because of this foresight in design we are confident that the E-Chart flow computer will exceed all of your expectations.

The SFC332 is a dual meter bi-directional field mounted flow computer which can be used for all liquid and gas applications, including custody or non-custody measurements.

Using orifice plate, Venturi, turbine/PD/ultrasonic mass meter, or wedge devices, it can meter a wide variety of products, such as crude, refined product, LPG/NGL products, products that use table 24C, ethylene, propylene, and water.

SFC 332P

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