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Dynamic Flow Computers

Our flow computers and meters are simple to use and able to perform the most complicated jobs.



FloCell is an integrated mass measurement solution which offers unmatched accuracy in its class. Unit installation and start-up have never been easier.

  • Integrated Measurement Solution
  • Factory Pre-Configured for Application
  • 25:1 Total Turndown
  • Better than 0.1% accuracy
  • Easy Installation and Start-up
FloCell includes:
  • Dynamic Flow Computer
  • Multivariable Transmitter
  • Direct-Mount Manifold
  • Stabilized Connectors
  • SmartCone Meter ( 3 changeable cone elements)
  • SmartCone RTD Cable
Application Solution for
  • Separator Outlets: Oil, Water and Gas
  • Allocation
  • Custody Transfer
  • Compressor fuel
  • Gas/Oil Production
  • Injection Fluids
  • Wet Gas
  • Steam