FloPro Specifications

The FloPro Flow Computer is made up of two interacting Microcontrollers, 8-bit Microchip microcontroller and 32-bit Freescale microcontroller. The low power 8- bit microcontroller serves as a power management controller to reduce power consumption so it can be run on batteries for extended periods of time.

It was built to address the different needs for refineries, chemical plants, gas processing plants, offshore platforms, pipeline and transmission, remote gas wells, and storage caverns.

The focus has been to bring the different needs and requirements of these specialized industries into one hardware platform and therefore reducing the spare parts requirements, the training process, calibration, and overall cost of ownership. We believe the FloPro Flow Computer has delivered and met the design intentions.

  • Single Meter Flow Computer for Liquid or Gas Application
  • 32 bit Micro-Processor @ 16.7 MHz
  • RS-232 / RS-485 Communication
  • One Standard Serial Port (2nd Port Available w/ WDS Upgrade)
  • One second calculation cycle AGA8 & AGA3
  • 4 meg direct connect flash for operating code
  • One 3-wire 100 ohm platinum RTD input or two 4-20mA/1-5V Analog Input
  • 8 line graphical display
  • Meets & Exceeds API 21.1 for custody measurement
  • NEMA Type 4X & Type 7 Enclosure
  • Includes Dynacom Configuration Software (E-Chart Suite)
  • Optional Battery Pack Sold Separately
  • Schedule B: 9026.10.7000 / ECCN: EAR99 / CoO: USA
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