SmartCone™ Specifications

The meter is the first differential pressure cone meter to use artifact calibration techniques similar to orifice plate technology, which is inherent in the design.

Each SmartCone™ meter has a verifiable geometry between subsequent manufactured devices using accurate and robust machined castings.

It features the unique ability to offer a beta or area ratio change per diameter using interchangeable ARC’s. This allows the metered products’ flow velocity characteristics to be aligned correctly throughout the life of the meter.

Flexibility & Rangeability
  • Available up to 2500 ANSI
  • Interchangeable ARC
  • Standard Built-In RTD Port
  • Standard NPT Ports
  • Wafer or Flange Design
  • 3 Available ARC's per Meter Size
  • 10:1 Turndown with each ARC
Interchangeable Arc