The next generation Flow Computer, only from Dynamic Flow Computers. The SFC500 DIN is designed to cover today’s measurement and control requirements no matter what they may be.

This Multi Bi-directional run, DIN Rail mounted Flow Computer can be used for all liquid and gas applications, including custody or non-custody measurement. Unique data sharing for up to 4 Flow Computers on one loop in Master/Slave configuration.

PID, Math Functions, Boolean Statements and special archive features are standard. Minimum of 35 days of daily and hourly archives and 1 year of monthly archives.​

  • High Speed Processor
  • Turbine Diagnostics
  • Gases and Liquids
  • PID Control Ready
  • Boolean Statements
  • Flash EPROMS
  • Bi Directional Features
  • Math Functions
  • Modbus Protocol
  • Multi Serial Ports
  • Ultra Low Power (Under 0.3 watt)
  • High Accuracy A/D Converters
  • Gas Chromatography Interface
  • Off the Shelf Availability
  • Master/Slave Architecture
  • Built in Data Battery Back Up
  • Radio, Modem Ready
  • Custody Transfer Accuracy
  • Ethernet TCP/IP Ready
  • Industry Standard Equations (ISO,API,AGA etc)